Annual Landscape Day 12th August

OK you folks out there in the big world; copy is just being written ready for the print run.  This is what you have been waiting for….the clubs annual pub dinn…oops: the annual day out on a Landscape walk.  This year from Upper Mill and up over Saddleworth Moor in a U shape to go back down into Upper Mill by different route on the heavy duty walk.  Alternatively (we think of all preferences in this club yuno) there was a light duty route which is a flatter one.  The group was around a 50:50 split on these routes.

Weather forecast was good with a sunny afternoon in store.  Rubbish!  It lashed it down.  Both routes copped it but the Light Duty Brigade nipped into shelter, eg,. Pubs and Ice Cream parlours.  The Heavy Duty Brigade had lunch sat in a wind swept quarry then set off over the top of the moor proper, just in time to be caught out in the open in a 20 minute torrent of wet stair rods hitting at 45 degrees.  Then the sun did come out.

Finally we all met in the Cross Keys Inn for a warm hearty meal and a few pints.  What a fantastic day coz it will stay in all our memories.  Enjoy the photos.

courtesy V Clarke

Courtesy V Clarke The only shelter

Courtesy V Clarke…I’m completely soaked now

Courtesy R GreenBank.  Mary Poppins arrives. You can see how the effect of the down pour was affecting some.

Courtesy V Clarke.  Starting to dry off

Courtesy R Greenbank. Master of all he surveys

Courtesy V Clarke – start of the descent against a magnificent War Memorial to the Fallen.

By B Osborne…I had the cheese n onion pie