Rd2 of regular comp.

We all met up again for our 2nd. reg. comp. Usual good turn out for a competition – and it was! Sadly, the Judge had had to bow out because of illness, so thank you Graham Currey for stepping up at short notice.

Reg. comps. give the photographer a free hand on subject and there is a DPI comp. and a Mounted Prints comp. The standard was really good, with our new members doing very well. It was very close marking, snapping at the heels of the finalists and the end it came down to Sally L.T.

Here is Sally collecting her shield for best DPI entitled ‘Trio of Roses’.

Here we see: ‘The gathering from wanderings’. The title of the winner of the Prints section.

Here we see Sally dashing back, almost curtsying, to collect her award for the winning print. Well done Sally on doing the double.

So…if you want to try photography or advance it …details are on the web page.