Sunday 20th Aug. Boat Museum Ellesmere Port

The Summer Programme is drawing to a close and the day trip to the Boat Museum formed the end almost of this year’s season of summer days and evenings out.  The weather near the coast was good, considering storm Gerty was lashing her tail at us, and coats came off.  Thank you to all the members who contributed to the production of this programme.  (lots of clubs cease meeting over the summer period)

The following images give a little flavour of the day:

courtesy R Greenbank. Showtime below Decks

courtesy R Greenbank. Pump House

courtesy R Greenbank. Ships that pass in the night

courtesy R Greenbank. Artist Licence

courtesy B Osborne. A friendly whisper

courtesy B Osborne. Boat trip thro’ the locks

courtesy B Osborne.  Means a lot