A Dream

Hi folks, remember Dallas on TV, way back in the 80’s. The Ewings! Was it Bobby who came out of the shower to realise it had all been….. a dream? Something like the last 30 episodes! I tried stepping out of the shower today when the phone rang and nearly tripped over the bath rug!

Well let me tell you…it feels a bit of a dream sequence here dusting down the all cobwebs on the Blog and remembering what did what. I hope then, that, this will inspire you millions out there who faithfully visited the Blog instead of watching Dallas, in that we will try to re-start it and make it a good first stop for club info.

Looking back for a moment…what a dream sequence it was for us all too. Except Covid was a not a dream. I hope it was a gentle time for you and, perhaps, like me you are still coming to terms with the events of last 3 years.

Anyway, hopefully we can spring-clean this old Blog, build up a head of steam and get it moving again. Watch this space.

Regarding the club its self, this is now picking up speed at a gentle pace. Membership took a hit but this is now showing new faces, competitions are taking place, Zoom has been put away but not disbanded. We are doing regular outings to local sites offering photo opportunities. It’s coming alive again.

We meet in the parish hall of Christ Church, on Lostock Rd. most Wednesday evenings. We hope to see you. ( I will now try to remember how to publish it)