Practical – Outdoors

Hi Folks….and yes ‘outdoors’ whilst the weather is holding and the evenings are light.  This outdoor one centered around using the camera virtually everyone carries with them these days – yes, the one on your mobile phone.

A useful little thing with high quality as standard.  The object of the evening was to walk around the area singularly or in groups and with the mobile phone camera, take a) a portrait,  b) a close up,  c) architecture.  The images shown here  were taken by Paul, one of our members, and he also used a little relatively inexpensive attachment that clipped over the phone and allowed different type lenses to augment the phones lens by sitting on top of it.  The device provided wide angle, fish eye, telephoto….etc

A link is included here which will direct you to the site giving more details.

Our Club meeting place and Andy.

Not bad from a phone camera.  Almost as good as our club camera for taking Club ID cards.  I look 10 years younger on mine.  Mind you I am 95!