Landscape Comp.

Hi Folks, I hope you enjoyed your Bank Holiday weekend and its weather.  I did, so I am a wee bit late with the blog!  On 23 May we had our annual Landscape competition, judged by Ken Ainscow. The DPI section was close, with 1st and 2nd sharing full 20 marks each.    That’s going to the wire!  Congratulations All.

Tomorrow evening we have a Project viewing.  This will entail members bringing in images, taken under or subjected to, a set of conditions and or topics, given out at the start of the year.  These are set out out in a very comprehensive list of almost a dozen headings to form the project.  The aim of this project is to stretch the skill base of the photographer and opportunity  will be given this Wednesday to have works, so far done, viewed and appraised by fellow members.   Always funny, always serious, always supportive.  Come along if you can!

Paris City Scape by R Kenniston.  Print

Roy receiving his award for the print winner and the judge looking very illuminated.

Easdale Old Slate Village by L Walsh. DPI

Les receiving his award for the DPI winner