The Flixton Folk Festival.

Hi Everyone,

Today sees the start of the Flixton Folk festival and it is going on thro’ till next weekend.   Unofficially it started last night – shhh, say nowt! – with a full evening of music and song, of  international flavour, around stories and melodies old and new.  The venue was St Clement’s, Urmston.  It was commented on of the powerful atmosphere the building created for such music.  And it is worth mentioning too, that a large number of the local churches have opened their doors to provide the venues for many of the weeks events.

Our camera club is supporting one such event at St John’s Church, Irlam Rd., Flixton, next Thursday evening, 13th July, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  There is to be a an exhibition of photographs, in the church, taken by members of several of the local uniformed organisations such as the guides, scouts etc., and we will be providing a judging team to help choose the top three images from out of this exhibition. I expect the standard of all images to be high, giving our judges a tough task.  Hope many of you can get to view the exhibition.

folk songs, some modern and some inherited from generations past.