Catch Up

Hi avid followers of this world famous blog. Please accept my apologies for deserting you. We had a password issue. Big Andy sorted it out.

Since last we spoke Bonfire night has been and gone and it will soon be Christmas. Club news from then till now includes:

The four way battle between, Sale PS, MAP’s, Stockport PS and ourselves. This was hosted by Stockport and we didn’t win. Well done Stockport.

The Club Events Comp. judged by Alf Myers and won by L Thornton on both the DPS and Print sections.

Our chippy night followed by a quiz set by the master of puzzles and tip of the tongue answers…Dave Killon…who also was the genius behind the Shutter View/Minds eye comp, I doubt any other club in the UK has this one on their annual list! He presented this years winner, Roy Kenniston with the Shield, also donated by him.

Catching up with the here and now ….we had a great practical evening set up by P Towers and V Clarke. This was about artisitic interpretations with depth of field, macro and water droplets. Cool.

The last comp of the year, the regular comp. Round 4, Judged by Rob Hockney from North Cheshire PS saw the Print section being won by S Lester-Card and the DPI section by L Thornton>

Congratulations to all the winners, thanks to all in the club for making it a good year…we had our Christmas night out this Saturday just gone and a Christmas drink in the Church Inn this coming Wednesday. Then folks we close till the first week in January. Have a very merry Christmas.