W/E away 2019


You will all remember those holidays long ago. North Wales for me, in a caravan. A freezing Irish Sea full of Jelly Fish!

Macmillan kept telling us how we had never had it so good. Mums and dads perhaps. They had not long since been fighting a war.

Well our club holidays are not like that (cold sea or wars). I steer them as far away as possible from the beach.

This year we went into central England. The Derbyshire Dales to be precise, to a lovely old Manor House-Hotel with history, in a little hamlet called Biggin. Next door was a pub of similar age. It seems to have remained with the name ‘The Waterloo’ for the last 200 years but who knows what the next 200 years will bring up. The Club’s choir sang their hearts out in there, most nights.

From Biggin we spread out in groups to cover a large area of the Dales. To see just what you are missing by not joining our club; below are some images kindly sent to me by members.

View from Hotel.
“Your drinks order please”. “Two pints of Milk Stout please and a gin chaser.”
One small step for Man – weighing up the wet slope of the next stone
A hike along Dove Dale with the river Dove gurgling by
One group in Chatsworth gardens…being silly for the photographer.
Drinkie poohs before dinner.
dragged away from the bar and made to sit down
Relaxing after a long day and a big meal
Speedwell Lead Mine – and hard hats, De ri-gueur.

So, you see us at our best. On top of the world and under a very large hill. I hope this little peep into our world of cutting edge photography has inspired you to say, “Yes this is for me too”. Enjoy looking at the images before the threat of legal action by fellow members, forces me to shut the Blog down.