Weekend Walk

The club goes for walks at weekends or evenings. To kick start the walking season off a walk round Lyme Park and surrounding district took place last Saturday.

A goodly turn out met in the grounds of the Park.

The day threatened some rain towards late afternoon but unfazed by this we set off with our packed lunches.

At a steady pace we climbed up the hill to the Clock Tower then down out of the park, passing simple rural folk carrying out age old traditions in a merry way……nah! Stop right there, That script was written some 50 years ago! We did however pass a log cutter, who patiently ignored our shutters snapping.

a man who looked at peace with him-self

The walk took us towards the Maccelsfield canal and on route we took over a children’s playground for to eat our lunch. Strangely for a sunny Saturday it was void of children…..well maybe not some old children!

Filling their boots.
Three old men falling asleep I think, out with their Minder.
Proving your never too old to go on the slide……..
or a rocking chicken!

After Lunch the warmth of the day began to tell and so we thankfully approached the half way point along the Canal
An elderly chap who lived on the barge sat out side with a big mug of tea. “I’ve been here 15 years and loved every minute of it!” I believed him too.

The final leg ahead through some lovely country side and then back into the Park. Here some of us took advantage of the free shuttle to travel the last 1.5 miles back to the car park and an Ice Cream.

Hard to believe we are half an hour away by car from Manchester town centre

Ok folks I hoped you enjoyed a little share of our walk. Bye for now.