Been a few weeks

Hi everyone, my apologies for the quietness on the blog this last month. It has been a busy time for the club requiring members to prepare and bring photo work with them to the the club evenings.

We have had a practical evening, refreshing on the lost skills of producing an AV (audio visual). The practical was organised by Paul, one of our members. Following on from this the following week was an L&CPU folio of digital images which were critiqued by members to see how we compared to the judges. We then had our own appraisal night on type of images we could enter for a 4-way battle with three other clubs later in the year. A further ‘club members’ critique session was held two weeks ago in order to allow members to gain ideas for their own images and competition entries.

Finally, last week we had what was an interesting talk, given be Andrew Marland, a photographer of the fast disappearing industrial landscape we have been used to since the smoke stacks of the first industrial revolution 200 years ago. The talk was Mechanical Landscapes. Its worth thinking, for good or for bad, the baby generation of today will probably grow up never seeing a row of Cooling Towers or a Gasometer.

This coming week we have the judging for our second Annual DPI and Print competition. Bye for now>