October.. a busy month.

Hello world wide web,

Three club nights have sailed by without any mention on the Blog.  That was down to me and not the quality of the club nights.  On the 3rd Oct., we had a mobile phone competition.  This was not to see who could refrain from looking at them the longest to check for texts, no  –  in fact we switch em to silent  –  it was to see who took the best picture with the camera feature.  This was internally judged on the night, by all the members,  The winner who scored the most marks from the audience was Darren W., with a dog picture.  I mean, who can resist that hangdog expression!  Well done Daren.

On the 10th there was a Practical evening.  Thankfully, the weather was kind, as we did it outside in our car park. We did some night photography, with tripods, long exposures and hand held lamps for light painting.  Thanks Dave K., for the loan of your motor bike

And then, regrettably, on the 17th Oct., our guest speaker, Steven Lewis, on  ‘Better Landscapes’, had to cancel thro’ illness,  Hope you are on the mend Steven.  Our Syllabus Sec., pulled a rabbit out of the hat and we had the L&CPU digital folio to critique.  So now folks you are up to date.