Club Weekend Away

Last weekend was the time we went on our annual jaunt to somewhere.  This year ‘somewhere’ was Northumberland.  A trip further that previous ones but one worthy of the extra miles.  We spent a long weekend in a little village called Wark, using this as our base.  The village is close to Hadrian’s Wall  and the town of Hexham.  Many of us commented on the landscape and the light upon it from a rising sun on the east coast. The land is certainly rugged, the roads are long with sparse traffic and the miles are eaten up.  It is always a joy to see members meet at breakfast then disperse to wherever takes their fancy for the day and then meet again in the evening for dinner.  Here the night sky entices folk outside to gaze up on a clear night to sights of supreme wonder and thoughts on who we are and why are we here on this little planet.  An Observatory nearby gives interesting talks on this subject with access to telescopes and heavy duty binoculars.  Seeing the Milky Way was rare for us town dwellers.

German tourists on Kirk-stone pass during journey to Wark

Stopping point along Kirk-stone Pass to admire view.

Passing the time of day by guide in Cragside House

Angel of the North; tho’ I don’t think you needed telling.

The rugged loneliness along Hadrian’s Wall. It stands there with a primeval force telling you of the birth of nations and history of empires.

And just whats it all about?

Dinner on Sunday night. Trip home Monday

Inglenook in Blackwell arts and craft style house, Bowness. Taken on way home.