Practical night

We’re having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave, the temperatu….etc. Hope you are enjoying the heatwave and not having to mow the static, burnt brown, lawn, except at your peril.  It was  extremely warm in the meeting room last Wednesday.  We did some preparity work in readiness for the related set, competition – six images, all related by a common theme.  Followed by a welcome refreshment break.  No, not chilled lager.  Better, a cup of DCC tea and a biscuit covered in melting chocolate.  Though I must say the taste for DCC coffee is catching up fast.  We are approaching a 50:50 split.  We serve lattes, americano, espresso etc.  They all look and taste the same.   These beverages are served to you with all the aplomb of a ‘last comfort-break for 100 miles’ Cafe, by your cheery, behind the counter, staff.

Fueled on by the refreshments, the second half of the evening was devoted to table top work, with plenty of help and ideas being circulated amongst the members.  Stay cool folks.