Competitions competitions..

Hello Folks,

Well it’s been a particularly competitive month.  Last week we held the world famous DCC Quiz and tomorrow we have round 2 of the Regular Competition.  The quiz comprised of five topics,  Photography (don’t know how that slipped in?  We know nowt on this subject – to be honest we know little on any subject….well beers maybe), History of the 20 Century, like when was Angel Delight introduced onto the shelves (along with a sprinkle of GK – that’s short for general knowledge but I bet you knew that), Natural History, Arts and then a combined Literature (mainly Mills and Boon) and Films.  Four competitive teams with ridiculous names fought it out for a surprise box of chocolates.  Lots of cheating and name shouting.  Well it don’t get much better than that folks.

And tomorrow… it all starts again!  You know were we are folks should you care to join us and see a top club howling and baying at the judge.  There might even be some chocolates left.