Phone Cameras

So now, nearly everyone on the planet has access to a mobile phone.  I know some may still pull one out of a pocket and extend a 2 ft aerial mast or leave it switched ‘off’ to save the batteries but by and large, most use a phone with a built-in camera.  And for most phones – some camera too!  Last week we had a practical night around the use of the ‘Phone camera’.  A list of ‘Apps’ was distributed so members could down load these and see how they performed.  We set up lighting and desk top studies and put our phone cameras thro’ their paces.  Some good results too.

And today (well nearly to-day, as its just gone midnight  – I sweat for this club) a few of us met up and went into Manchester for to photograph the Chinese New Year celebrations, partly to provide images for the soon upon us Set Subject comp 2018 but also a day out together.  We got a lot of ‘backs of heads’ in our foregrounds but it was fun.   So may I wish you all Xinnia’n  Kua’ile’.