The minds eye and the shutter view.

Hi Folks,

We had a fun time yesterday evening at the club.  This was our last meeting in the club room till after the Christmas period and we like it to be a fun one.  Next week we have a social gathering at the Barking Dog in Urmston. (8pm onward if you want to meet us)  This Saturday we go on our Christmas Dinner…Oh Oh Oh tis the season to be jolly.

We do a ‘bit of fun’ competition on the penultimate club night of the year.  It is called Shutter View and Minds Eye.  The Shutter View competition shows images straight from camera with no post capture editing save only to resize to fit our projector.  Good practice this is in getting it right as much as possible in the take.  If any one out there remembers roll film with  only 12, 24 or 36 exposures it was a more common rule to follow.  Then, in the second competition the brakes are off and an image can be edited to the photographers hearts content.  The audience are given score sheets and at the end of the showing the marks of each competition are tallied up and a winner from each is arrived at.

Well, we have the two winners and excellent they both are.  I am sure you agree.  Well done to both.

A city night-scape by Sheila Wicks (Shutter View)

In a world of his own by Paul Towers (Minds Eye)