Product Photography

Club night this week was very entertaining and illuminating – in every sense of the word.  For example I now know how to photograph a bottle of ice cold Lager, in a warm studio, in the middle of June and having it looking just the part to make everyone rush out to buy one.  (mind you, I can sometimes do that in the middle of winter)

George Franks, an accomplished Sports photographer gave a very ‘hands on’ demonstration, showing how to set up various styles of lighting, using inexpensive gear relative to what some professional studios use.  Images taken were also displayed on the large screen.

We have had a surge, recently, in prospective new members coming to experience our club nights and I hope they all enjoyed and benefited from George’s talk.  As, I am sure, members did.  Next weeks event is ‘Shutter View , Minds Eye View’.  Here we show and judge images taken strictly as the camera will see them and images where the photographer can post edit to their hearts content.  Its a fun night on the run up to Christmas.

George showing creative lighting

George explains lighting techniques1