We did a practical evening this week on the blurry topic of Bokeh.  (Japanese term for soft focus)

Differential Focus or Depth of Field are other terms  which describe the affect of using the focal sharpness range of a lens, that will vary, according to the type of lens and the aperture of it.  A good portrait  lens (80mm) on a low aperture will deliver a sharp focal range, of say 0.5m, so an image of a face within that 0.5m range will be sharp whilst images in front of that range and approaching will get progressively sharper and images behind, moving away, will get progressively blurred.

Enough of all that!  What matters is we had a great night; and thanks too to those who planned and set it up.  We have new and potential new members with us and I think they enjoyed the night.   Even I could do it.

Hello Pluto. For my next trick.