Set Subject competition

Each year the club chooses a subject on which members then have the following year to take images associated with this chosen subject.  In 2016 we chose ‘Vessels’ as our set subject and the images produced for entry by individual members into the competition were judged last Wednesday evening.  Judging was by Paul Williamson.

Trying to think out of the box on what a vessel might be, aside from ships or container,  proved harder than first thought.  You try!  Anyway some good attempts were made.  Members put up to 3 digital and 3 print images into the competition.

And the winners were…..wait for it!

Winner of the DPI entry was Roy Kenniston.  ‘Sail Away’ into a marvelous sun-set

Winner of the Print entry was Sally Lester-Card.  ‘Bottled Light’.  You need to see the print to get full magic of the light being scattered by the glass onto the back wall.