Falklands talk

We had a member from one of our neighboring camera clubs, John Earnshaw, visit to give a talk on the Falkland Islands, South Atlantic, at last Wednesday’s club night .  This was a most interesting talk, covering the background history, the aftermath of the Falklands war, the flora and fauna and the local people – doing on line shopping in Tesco’s or a. n. other store here in the UK for shipping out; and using some really good, strong images, interspersed with video clips, to bring alive an almost ‘I’m there’ experience.  I felt this during one shot showing – and hearing – the almost continuous westerly wind  blowing across a beach out to sea and were the sand is lifted into suspension up to a metre above ground level.

John delivered his presentation in a measured manner and left the audience very well informed on life in the Falklands.  If you are from another camera club and not seen the presentation it is well worth having a word with your Syllabus secretary.